Iloilo from Manila Airport, about one hour by plane

Philippines Airline
Cebu Pacific
I get the airlines flying the Philippine Air

Time rates, the different airlines around 1500 pesos

Manila and other cruise ships - I daily flights Iloilo


Also via Cebu, to operate a passenger plane, is about the same amount of travel

from the airport to the port of Iloilo, 30 minutes by taxi (about 300 pesos)

Iloilo Port Port Guimaras 13 pesos

Vans overland bus, jeepney, Transit, in Toraishikeru

Weather permitting, to the port of Iloilo, the boat can pick bunker (reservations required)



Port of Iloilo (parola) from Guimaras Harbor (Buena Vista)

I also take the sign of the resort here

From Buena Vista to the KENYAMABEACH

About 50 minutes a small chartered jeepney

One-way price is about 700 pesos depending on the number




Port of Guimaras Island, Buenavista

Capacity of about 40 people in Autorigaboto

About 20 minutes offshore peso 13,5

Iloilo - Guimaras between


Guimaras Island (jordan) port

From the port of Iloilo to Guimaras island has two port


 1 . Ortiz---Jordan

 2.  Parola--Buenavista


Jordan is near to KENYAMA BEACH Resort.